Breathing Life into History: The Wappenham Manor Project

Whites Decorating is renowned for our ability to seamlessly combine classic and contemporary design. The Wappenham Manor project was a testament to this blend, a transformative journey to rejuvenate a stately manor house and its annex. Guided by the creative vision of a renowned interior designer, we undertook a comprehensive, 7-month project that showcased our ability to adapt to complex demands and deliver exquisite results.

wappenham manor - property refurbishment and decorating
wappenham manor - property refurbishment and decorating

An Artistic Expedition

Restoring Grandeur: The Revitalisation Process

Every aspect of the Wappenham Manor required our dedicated attention, from the grand reception rooms to the cosy bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms. All surfaces were meticulously prepared: rubbed down, filled, and in places, mastic applied to ensure a smooth, flawless finish. This preparation was followed by a further rub down and the application of three coats of the celebrated Farrow and Ball paint, known for its enduring quality and rich, deeply pigmented colours.

In one of the bathrooms, we embarked on a unique venture: a hand-painted chequered pattern on the floor. This required precise planning, careful execution, and an unwavering commitment to quality. The result was a striking and bespoke design element that added a touch of whimsy and charm.

The project, which stretched over seven months, was just the beginning. In 2024, we look forward to commencing the exterior phase, ready to breathe new life into the manor’s façade, much as we have done with its interiors.

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wappenham manor - property refurbishment and decorating

"Whites Decorators have been simply superb. Andy, his sons Ryan and Mitchell, along with Andy and Dean spent the best part of 5 months decorating for us, both painting and wallpapering. The quality of all they have done has been top notch. They turn up every day early and crack on with the day’s jobs without delay. There has been no time wasting at any point. The attention to detail has been hugely impressive – even when we have been satisfied with something, if they are not completely happy, they will redo it. Bits that we might not have noticed, they have seen and have ensured that they were properly decorated. They have hung wallpaper with very difficult repeats and the results have been fantastic. When they have left at the end of each day, everything has been left spotless and tidied away. Additionally, Andy and his sons have assisted with deliveries and lugging furniture up and down the stairs. At times in addition to decorating, they were acting almost as project managers. They have been a real pleasure to have around.

We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone and have already booked for them to come back later this year to complete the inside of the house and next summer to do the whole of the outside of the house."

Lance, Wappenham Manor

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