Home Decorating in Oxfordshire - Traditional Wood Panelling

Our home decorating services range across all ages of property from new builds to period properties. One of our most exciting projects for home decorating in Oxfordshire was a manor house featuring multiple rooms with traditional wood panelling and contrasting fireplaces.

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Period home decorating in Oxfordshire

Properties with panelled rooms have a unique and timeless quality of their own. We love getting involved with period style work, in particular traditional wooden wall panelling.

Panelling is a beautiful addition to any home, but for period properties which have featured panelling for decades, and in some cases centuries, they emphasise the elegance of the wood and high standards of craftsmanship.

Our Manor House decorating project showcased interior wood panelling throughout most rooms in the property across many styles. Some of the smaller rooms with large windows letting in good natural sunlight required wall panelling to be repaired and then repainted in colours that created a bold contrast with fireplaces and furniture. Bright Farrow and Ball colours were used on the walls as a small colour offset to the white wood panelling.

If you need to decorate a single room or entire property, regardless of the age or style of your property we can help you achieve perfect results to the highest standards. Request a quote online or call us today on 07976 881546 for a free, no-obligation discussion about our decorating and home improvement services.

replacement bathroom detail

“We love our new bathroom. Thank you Ryan and the team for a superb job.“

Tanya S, Abingdon

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