Painting and decorating a cinema room

When winter really takes hold, it feels like the perfect time to relax and be entertained in your own cinema room. This painting and decorating project in Oxford enabled us to apply bold colours to add to our customers' entertainment experience.

Decorating an Oxfordshire cinema room exploring darker colour palettes

The thought of closing the door on whirling winds, torrents of rain and the biting cold to hide away with a good film somewhere warm and snug is such a tempting one. Our customers in this Oxfordshire painting and decorating project certainly had the right idea.

Regarding colour palettes, cinema rooms thrive when the tones are dark and moody. Light is going to be kept down low and all eyes will be on the screen, which meant we could afford to be a bit braver with the colours used. We combined blacks, greys and burgundy hues to transform this cinema room into a space to enjoy.

replacement roof window

“Really pleased with finished room and stairs. Clean & tidy, really neat, good time keeping. Thanks all.“

Ashid, Oxford

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