Summit of Imagination: Mountain-Scape Bedroom Project

At Whites Decorating, we believe in the power of personalisation to transform spaces. Our recent project, the Boy's Mountain-Scape Bedroom in an Oxfordshire family home, is a testament to this belief. Tasked with creating a mountain-themed haven for a young boy, we employed creativity and precision to bring this imaginative theme to life.

Summit of Imagination: Mountain-Scape Bedroom

Crafting a Personalised Haven

Scaling Heights: The Mountain-Scape Design

The main feature of the bedroom was a simple yet striking geometric design of mountain peaks. To achieve this, we used masking tape to divide individual sections of the mountains. This technique allowed us to create crisp, clean edges and gave the mountain design a strong visual impact.

The execution of the mountain-scape design required a careful balance of creativity and precision. Each peak section was meticulously painted, ensuring the geometric design remained true to the envisioned theme. The result was a vivid and engaging wall that turned the room into a personal haven for the young boy.

Colour Coordination: The Perfect Match

To make the room even more personalised, we matched the colour of the boy's bedroom door with his favourite lampshade based on his preferences. This subtle detail created a cohesive colour scheme throughout the room, making it a truly personalised space that reflects the young boy's tastes and interests.

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Summit of Imagination: Mountain-Scape Bedroom

“My son absolutely loves his new room. We couldn't be happier with the results!“

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